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    After a lot of research I think my problems seems to be related to the software on my Galaxy Nexus, hopefully you guys can help:

    I bought an MHL to HDMI cable to hook up my Galaxy Nexus to my 43' HDTV (Samsung as well). Everything is plug & play so as soon as it's connected, the screen will show up on my TV just fine. Here is the problem I have: The picture on the TV is definitely not HD, more like SD! I checked apps like Netflix or HBO GO but while they stream in HD if I hook up my laptop to my TV, the quality is poor compared to when I use my phone. Here is the puzzler: When I specifically select an 1080p trailer in youtube, it DOES DISPLAY it in HD! So it looks like it's not the cable or the TV (I tried other TV's as well), it seems to be a software limitation. Now, I spoke with Netflix and made sure that my streaming is set to the highest possible quality - which works on all my other devices (laptop connected to TV, Logitech Revue connected to TV) so my guess is that Android somehow limits the picture quality (maybe because the phone has a small screen?).

    The fact that Youtube plays specific trailers in 1080p makes me think that it's either Android or the streaming software by the 3rd parties (Netflix and HBO GO). What do you guys think and what were your experiences?
    06-10-2013 04:23 PM

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