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    I would like to present you a new application, Automatic 3G / WIFI Switcher!

    Automatic 3G / WIFI Switcher makes it possible for you to control your access to the Internet. Thanks to the program, the time of data transfer can be regulated by the user. The transfer is turned on pendulously . It means that the access to the Internet is restarted automatically ( ON / OFF ), but according to the time units determined by the user. The program offers the break option. To be more specific, the option stops the process of turning on the data transfer in the previously specified range of time.
    The greatest advantages of the application are the lowering of the Internet using costs and saving the battery in comparison with the constant access to the web.

    For example: With this application you can have access to the Internet ( before that, app checking if the WiFi is working - if WiFi is turned ON, 3G process is paused ) for five minutes every hour, with the exception of the night when we do not need it. Everything works in the background without any user interference ( User is alerting by an short message in notification bar (like reminder)). Thanks to this your other apps like weather forecast, mail, facebook is updating and synchronising under our control. Internet access can be disabled at any time.


    Automatic 3G / WIFI Switcher
    06-11-2013 12:50 AM

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