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    Quick and easy publication of the messages and photos to the social networks.
    Import photos and text from the other apps.
    The various camera settings.
    Comfortable working with several
    images, geolocation.
    If you install this program you will have a multi-functional image editor on your Android
    In a future the list of supported social networks will be expanded.

    ☆ Easy and quick publication to Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter.
    ☆ The publication of several images to Vkontakte and Facebook.
    ☆ Editing images right in the app.
    ☆ Using filters for image editing.
    ☆ Sync with Box.net, Dropbox and SkyDrive.
    ☆ Import images and records from other apps.
    ☆ The camera with the ability to fine-tuning, and shooting without a shutter sound.
    ☆ Geolocation of photos.

    06-11-2013 09:24 AM

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