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    BubbleDozer is smart mix between a puzzle-game and a pinball-game. You'll need reflexion and dexterity to get through the 4 games modes. BubbleDozer is inspired by Gimme Friction Baby by Wouter Visser.

    In BubbleDozer the player use a canon to shot bubble to destroy others bubbles on screen. But BubbleDozer is going farer that the original experience by enhancing the initial content : differents bubble's types, many differents level and a different goal for every levels. Finally, the game provide a brand new experience and a better game's life.

    BubbleDozer provide 4 games mode:
    *Adventure: 3 world of 16 levels with differents challenges on every level. Perfect for short game session like in the waiting room or waiting for the bus.
    *Arcade: 10 levels, 3 lifes, Score as many points as you can... Good like old times, Only missing the "INSERT COINS"
    *Classic: for the origina fan of Gimme Friction Baby
    *Multiplayer: players can play together in an asynchronous versus mode. It's all about srategy.
    Finally, using Scoreloop, BubbleDozer record a world leaderboard for the arcade mode and the classic mode.



    06-13-2013 07:54 AM

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