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    Connecting white-box to real game characters with personalities

    XnO white-box gameplay was developed using spherical ball with cylinder shooting fire balls to break cylindrical objects. At white-box stage of the game development we had used models/prefabs and coding practices which would make it very easy for us to plug and play other models. Once we had a working white-box and good feedback we focussed on character and storyline development.

    As a first project of Digital Eclairs, our aim was to experiment in developing a non violent game which was fun. At the same time we wanted to use this platform to raise awareness about human interference and the damage we are doing to our earth and all its inhabitants.

    Combining the two goals was a difficult process. For the lead character, we decided to go for a sea creature which was cute and had a personality and would help us convey our message, thus Penguin was chosen. The next step was to choose other playable characters which would also be good companion to the lead character and at the same time would not hinder the gameplay.

    The original spherical ball with cylinder which was used to shoot fire balls, got converted to Turtle "T" shooting Puffer from its mouth. This use of characters made it possible for us to develop the game without any violent gameplay.

    We wanted a storyline which was fun but at the same time with a message that things are wrong and we need to do something about it.

    Success at each level of the game was symbolized by release of captured penguin. To emphasize the importance of characters and yet maintain their familiarity with the player we introduced Penguins from all walks of life: lawyers, sheriffs, baseball players, warriors. To build climax we introduced a lady penguins which has to be rescued, and around whom the story revolves.

    To add whimsical effect we introduced Devils, Angel Puffer fish and a double headed turtle TT. They all have unique characteristics, Devil the anti-hero are guarding the captured penguins, Angel act as power-ups and help in rescuing the Penguin and double headed turtle TT has the ability to shoot two puffer at the same time.

    We chose the name XnO from XOXO - hugs and kisses. Which is all that we feel for the game characters X and O and in reality for all the lovely creature whose existence we as a humanity have put into peril.

    With XnO, Digital Eclairs aims to raise awareness about Penguins, endangerment and threats by: oil in water, overfishing, iceberg breaking. As our first step, Digital Eclairs has adopted two Magellanic penguins X and O. They are 5 year old and live in Cabo Virgenes, Argentina.

    XnO - 3D Action Adventure Game, is now available on Google Play and Amazon App Store.
    06-14-2013 12:10 AM

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