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    Gyrophoto 3D is a Live Wallpaper which allows you to visualize photos from your own gallery on a 3D object with gyroscope reactivity.

    ☆ Gyrophoto 3D is Exclusive to Android☆

    FREE version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...otofreeversion
    PAID version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...hotoproversion

    Long press on your home screen > Select Wallpapers > Select LiveWallpaper > Choose Gyrophoto 3D
    Or, directly select Gyrophoto 3D icon in your app list and click on Set Wallpaper.

    ☆ Exclusive Settings screen with a mini-preview (all the live wallpaper change are instantaneously visible)
    ☆ Multi or single selection of your photos in the gallery (possibility to crop a special area individually)
    ☆ 3 background types available (customizable colored 3D room and plane, and fully black for a simple and pure style)
    ☆ Distance and perspective of the 3D camera
    ☆ 11 3D objects to customize with your photos (Plane, Ribbons, Cross, Cube, Ring, Sphere, etc)
    ☆ Crystallize, Explode, Auto-rotate, and switch on the gyroscopic system of your device for a full beauty
    ☆ Double tap action on the home screen (switch ON/OFF crystallization, auto-rotation, gyroscope or all of them (battery-friendly function) by a simple double tap on the home screen without passing by the Settings)

    Settings can be directly accessed from Gyrophoto 3D app icon in your app list. The change are automatically applied on the live wallpaper once you get out from the Settings screen.

    Gyrophoto 3D is a simple solution to enjoy your photos in 3D on your home screen, and one of the most user-friendly Live Wallpaper that exists on the Market.

    Do not hesitate and enjoy Gyrophoto 3D on your phone/tablet!
    06-16-2013 01:05 PM

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