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    Hi there,

    just wanted to let you know about my latest game for Android devices: Letter Attack (Word Search)

    Letter Attack is a fresh and unique word game that is different from the breed of word games already out there. The game's goal is to clear the game board by creating as many words as possible by using the 42 letters placed on the game board within a limited time. The longer and more complex the words created, the higher the score the player can achieve. There is no requirement to connect letters in a certain order to create words - every letter on the game board can be freely selected to create a given word. But Letter Attack is not only about creating words - Letter Attack also comes with strategic elements by providing the player with smart "helpers" which makes the game even more fun and challenging to play.

    The player can choose from three different game modes: Classic, Rush and Survival - each one of them is a lot of fun to play and will keep players hooked to the game for hours. As the game boards are created randomly, no game round is like the other.

    At the date of its initial release, Letter Attacks supports English and German dictionaries with more languages to be supported in the near future. Players are free to ask for additions to the dictionaries which will be released with future updates of the game.

    Hope you like it!

    Link to Play Store:
    06-17-2013 08:47 AM

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