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    Now get the name and designation from your office colleagues if they are available over LDAP.
    This android app will get the information at runtime from your LDAP server when you get a call from your office colleague and it is not stored in your contacts.
    This application also saves them to a local cache so next time it will display the information without requiring connection to LDAP if called from the same number.

    1. Server ID : Any String that Identifies your server. It could be the company name for example.
    2. Directory Server Address : The ip or host name of your organizations' LDAP server . Please get in touch with your IT admin to get the information.
    3. Server Port : Default value is 389 . Please try once with the default value else your IT admin can provide the details.
    4. Communication Security : Choose if you have SSL enabled. Usually default value will suffice.
    5. Bind DN : Your fully qualified LDAP user name . It is usually like
    uid=<your user id>,o=internal,ou=users,ou=<your company domain>. Please ask your IT admin for this. If your company allows anonymous binding then you can leave this blank.
    6. Bind Password: It is normally the domain password that your organization provides you for logging in. If your Bind DN is empty then this will be empty too.
    7. Base DN : Leave blank if you don't know.

    This app will only work if it can connect to the server through the IP provided by you. If the app cannot find the server when a call is received or due to any other error then it fails silently. Test the app settings when entering the server details .
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE][APP] Office Callerid-device-2013-05-21-164157.png   [FREE][APP] Office Callerid-device-2013-05-21-164222.png   [FREE][APP] Office Callerid-ic_launcher.png   [FREE][APP] Office Callerid-settings.png  
    06-18-2013 10:02 AM
  2. Cyan Zafari's Avatar
    Lovely app works well as advertised thanks.
    06-30-2013 04:20 AM

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