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    WhenDidI is an application to help you keep track of virtually anything you want, as you can track the number of times you did something, how long you did it for, or how much you paid. Supporting a modern Holo ICS interface, you should have no problem getting to grips with WhenDidI. It has smooth scrollable event lists, extensive charts, and handy widgets to make entering those events quick and convenient.

    Here are just some examples on what you could set up WhenDidI to track
    - How many calories you consumed
    - How many pints of alcohol drank
    - Cost of lunch per day
    - When you last feed the baby
    - Bench presses done in the gym
    - Time spent on a project

    ** Features **
    Fully customizable
    Unlimited Topics
    Unlimited Measurements
    Quick links to access your favourite views
    Can add notes to events
    Statistics on your events
    Share your events via email as csv attachment
    Holo look on 2.2 android phones
    Multiple home screen widgets
    Backup to local SD storage and Dropbox
    Graphical view of your events with charts

    Trail version (limited events)

    WhenDidI Lite on Google Play

    Paid version

    WhenDidI on Google Play
    Attached Thumbnails [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-mainactivity.png   [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-quicklinks.png   [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-charts.png   [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-categories.png  
    06-22-2013 07:33 AM
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    Version 2.1.0 update

    New Features
    - Add event button added to charts
    - Widget quick adds displays confirmation message
    07-11-2013 05:37 PM
  3. eworldtech's Avatar
    2.2.0 update
    NEW - Filtered Events List
    The events button now shows all events. You can filter the list with the topic, date, quantity and price filters.
    Create a Quick link for the filtered list, and share it as well.
    Attached Thumbnails [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-filteredeventlist.png  
    09-25-2013 04:19 AM
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    New features added from 2.2.0

    Aggregates for hours and days of week added to charts
    Categories view can be sorted by names, event count, and days ago
    Shortcuts for time entry, zeros can be entered as blacks. So 2:: is the same a 2:0:0
    Home icon on top left screen now shows a navigation drawer to quickly jump from screen to screen.
    New widget added for Quick links (favourites).

    [APP][2.2+] WhenDidI - Audit your life-charts_aggregate.png
    12-27-2013 09:31 PM

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