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    Delve into a full interactive world where strategy is king and battles are wages for power across your realm as well as against other live players vying to do the same in the first truly epic cross-platform strategy adventure for mobile!

    City of Splendors Features:
    ● Utilizing a stunning 3D engine, City of Splendors takes mobile gaming to previously unseen heights of graphical grandeur, banishing the blocky character models and simplistic sprites of other games to the realm of yesterdays news.
    ● Compete with players from across the world in frantic player battles! Play against friends, forge fresh alliances, find new friends then swiftly demolish them! Build up your heroes and army until the world trembles in the face of your onslaught!
    ● Experience the twists and turns of the engaging fantasy plot, as the player is pulled through the realm of Troon fighting and questing your way to global dominance!
    ● A dedicated team of experienced gamers working diligently and tirelessly to keep your City of Splendors experience as seamless and free from bugs as is humanly (or Elfly, or Orcly) possible!
    ● Server-wide rankings let you compare your skills with people from around the world. Compete with friends to inch up the rankings list, or go all out, storm the battlefield and try to claim the top spot!
    ● Rewards for the best gamers are given out frequently. Prove your mettle on the field of battle for a chance to win prizes both in game and in real life!

    Google Play link:

    Get the game for free and let us know what you think! We will be both happy to get the reviews at the GPlay and in the forum thread.

    06-25-2013 04:28 AM
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    The game got reviewed by Gamasutra!
    "With unprecedented visual scale, intricate gameplay, and enough twists and turns during both solo and social play, City of Splendors is set to ignite the evolution of mobile MMOSLG gaming!"

    Check the demo video
    06-27-2013 03:54 AM

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