1. GeekinTexas's Avatar
    I play an online game called Venatu, in which a new clue is released every 22 hours. I've used Astrid to give me a five minute reminder when the clue is about to be released. With the demise of Astrid looming, I've switched to Wunderlist, and it suits my needs for everything but this one timer. I've searched high and low, and have come up empty. Either the timer has a maximum setting of 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, or it can't repeat, or if it does, it can only repeat every day, week, month, or year. I've downloaded and uninstalled so much crap it's unbelievable. I'd never guess this would be so hard to find. Can anybody suggest something that can simply repeat an alarm every 22 hours, stop the alarm if it's not silenced within a few minutes (but repeat anyway), and can easily be reconfigured to a new start time when one game ends and another starts? I'd be more appreciative.
    06-26-2013 01:48 PM
  2. Scott Kenyon's Avatar
    If you're on a Jellybean device, why not use Google Now? Hit the microphone button and say "remind me a new clue is being released at XX:XX" where the XX:XX is the time. You can also say in however many minutes. If not, try downloading and using Clock 4.2. I seem to recall it being able to handle 24hr timers, however I cannot substantiate this 100%.
    06-26-2013 06:24 PM

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