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    How much time do you spend searching for the account number, password, and other frequently used, personal information (skype, icq, pay pal, webmoney, IP tv, account number, sip, provider info, link to your facebook page, twitter account)

    How much time is spent on it to transfer e-mail, address or link to your friend, in this case, there is no mistake, if this is dictated.

    QR Port program allows you to do both for 3 seconds.


    Open Qr Port


    Click the icon of the desired information


    Press copy it to the clipboard for pasting in the right place for you.

    As easily share it with friends and business partners.


    You open Qr Port

    Your partner open Qr Port


    Click the icon.

    And he enables the camera to receive QR code


    Rotate the screen with QR code to him, and voila, the information on place.

    And your friend is point the camera to your device and instantly get the information.

    That's so easy movemont of your thumb you in a moment found the information you need, and were even able to share it.

    And even if your friend does not have this program you always have link to it.

    Link to Google Play

    06-26-2013 02:26 PM

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