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    Did you ever lose money because of a mistake in your track of working hours?
    Did you ever forget how much money your customers have paid you?
    Are you tired of organizing your salaries using papers?
    Have you ever considered a better method for tracking your money?
    My Jobs is your solution!
    My Jobs is an android application that targets the broad working public.
    My Jobs will help you calculate the exact money you have earned, receive reports, charts & graphs (Custom date range) on salaries, jobs, customers and more.
    Using a user-friendly interface, clean and simple the user can add the jobs he is working at, their details: Job type - Clients \ Shifts , Job color, payment per hour, address, notes etc..
    After inserting jobs, you can add shifts in a simple and convenient way. Just go to the shifts screen, choose add shift , choose jobs, insert dates, hours and save the shift.
    My Jobs has extra unique abilities that make it better from the other apps: Insert additional percentages and tips to a single shift, different job types, support for more than 40 languages, export to excel, 45 different currencies, home screen stopwatch widget for shifts, sharing ( shifts, clients payments, salaries and many more) through all the social networks.
    The reports system is simple and detailed. You can customize the report date range and get the relevant info through colorful graphs that clearly represent the exact info you want to get ( tips, hours, salary, notes, client details, total income ).
    Our goal was to maximize the efficiency of the app. Thus, the app responds quickly to your interaction.

    - Management of multiple jobs.
    - Different work types - clients / shifts.
    - Summary widget which includes Salary, Tips, and working hours.
    - Detailed reports widget.
    - Shift stopwatch widget
    - Send an email to a client / clients.
    - Make a phone call to your client / clients.
    - Full management and continuous tracking on shifts and clients.
    - Additional percentages for shifts.
    - Tips support for shifts.
    - Add notes to shifts & clients.
    - Share shifts & clients.
    - Classic and simple design.
    - Support 40 different languages.
    - User Preferences - currency, language, color, design and more.
    - Detailed reports that shows money you have earned in each job.
    - Build graphs by work hours.
    - Export to Excel.
    - Sending reports via email.
    - Backup and restore data.


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    06-28-2013 11:44 AM

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