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    Map Track v2.0 is available on Google Play. New Features and improvements based on user feedback. Record online/offline, share and manage your private tracks in Google Docs WITHOUT third party servers.

    New features in Map Track v2.0:
    - Offline track with ability to share data through KML
    - Internet connection is nor required to start a track
    - View or Continue last/current track
    - GPS Altitude option (in meters, more details in the app or in the app guide )
    - Sharing options: current location, browser track link, KML file
    - Shared KML file can be imported into Google Maps, Earth or Planimeter app.
    - Different icons for track points in the browser, to recognize beginning of the track and points where user left a note
    - Info button for current track details
    - Color state indicator
    Full list of features you can find in How To Use Guide.
    Please note, registration or logging to third-party servers or services are NOT REQUIRED for recording and sharing tracks. You are sharing and managing the tracks using you own Google Docs.
    06-29-2013 04:13 PM

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