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    Short Description:
    With FCSync, you can make sure that every single contact on your phone will stay updated with the following information:
    ✓Profile Picture.
    ✓Birthday Date.
    ✓Home Address.
    ✓ Work Place and Position.
    ✓ Home Website.

    App Links:
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ntactssyncFree (trial version / free)

    How does it work?
    FCSync retrieves contact information from Facebook and places them on your phone's contacts. FCSync does not add new contacts on the device - it only adds to existing contacts.
    FCSync has two main sync options:
    1. Automatic Sync Tab:
    ∎ FCSync will automatically link between the Facebook's friend and the contact on the phone.
    ∎ Once FCSync finds a correct match, it will retrieve its information from Facebook and bring it to your phone.
    ∎ If FCSync cannot find a proper match to a contact; it will automatically move the name to Manual tab.
    2. Manual Sync Tab:
    This tab allows you to manage all the links between your phone contacts and your Facebook friend list.
    The tab includes a table of your linked and non-linked contacts, enabling you manage it.
    A linked record has a green light indication and the unmatched record has red light indicator.
    By pressing on item in list you can:
    ✓ Refresh update contact with the current information from Facebook.
    ✓ Modify Modify link between Facebook friend and the contact you choose manually.
    ✓ Delete Link delete link between phone contact names and Facebook friends, preventing the record from syncing according to manual link.
    ∎ All the information in the table is saved in the application Database.



    06-30-2013 01:15 PM

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