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    eNotify provides private and secure direct local notification for incoming email and SMS messages. Highly configurable, eNotify supports complex rules with custom alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects and recipient addresses. Easily silence day-to-day background noise and stay aware of those important email and SMS messages!

    It is the prefect tool for first responders and those of us that work on call.

    2.2 and up

    Free Version:

    Full Version:

    iOS Version:

    * Starts and runs continually in the background as a service.
    * Maintains constant email awareness.
    * Works with all IMAP accounts. This *also* includes Exchange servers which have IMAP support enabled.
    * Works with Exchange directly via Exchange Web Services (Exchange 2007/2010)
    * Works with all POP3 accounts. Supports Yahoo, Hotmail, and more!
    * Supports IMAP push email! Get your email notices immediately and without polling!
    * Custom alert for messages marked as high priority!
    * Supports scanning multiple IMAP folders for new messages. (Configurable in account setup window)
    * Pick from one of the 150+ built-in sounds, add your own custom sounds
    * Set custom sounds for individual accounts, senders, subject key words/phrases, recipient key words/phrases, battery levels, and data usage
    * "Do Not Disturb" setting automatically silences all email notices during your configured time period.
    * Configure certain alerts to override the device silent switch!
    * Option to completely ignore, show only local notice (silently), or vibrate on alert, in addition to sound options.
    * Completely private! Your data/email NEVER leaves your device!
    * Ability to set optional iOS style pop-up alerts
    * Many custom pop-up themes includes
    * Ability to create your own custom pop-ups
    * Text to speech alerts, reads aloud the sender and subject as your emails arrive
    * Ability to configure how text to speech alerts are read
    * Works with third party apps: Gmail, Yahoo, K-9 Mail, mail.com, Aqua Mail, Yandex.Mail, Hotmail, Outlook.com, Mail Droid, etc

    07-01-2013 07:44 AM
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    What's New
    Pebble wrist-watch alerts
    New Feature: Select SMS phone number from contacts app
    Fixed some issues with SMS alert matching
    Fixed expired subscription problem with EWS accounts
    Ability to choose any app as the default email or SMS app
    Misc enhancements
    vibrations on/off
    Personalize vibration patterns
    Reworked lite version based on community feedback
    SMS support
    Personalize pop-up notifications
    Personalize text to speech read out
    08-06-2013 03:36 PM

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