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    Human Technology

    Therefore, the application was just what I need.
    When I designed the app , I combined all of the functions that I need when I use the notebook app an the pad.
    I think what I need, must be what you need.

    1) web page print screen:
    There wont have wi-fi every where. Therefore, you may print screen the web page before getting out, you may take a look at thepdf profile without wi-fi .
    When you put a lot of notes in the app, you may remember some broken information ,but you forget which notebook did you put the information. Its okay, search engine would help you find out your information.
    (the function was adapt to text only)

    1) Text content
    2) Attach images or take a pictures
    3) Attach any files
    4) Lock your notebook
    5) Auto-save
    6) Email your notebook

    go and download OPEN NOTEBOOK
    07-02-2013 01:21 AM

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