1. ChocoBilly's Avatar
    Which do you like best?
    11-18-2009 07:36 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    I've never used PicSay Pro but I have used the PS app on both the iPhone and Droid. The Android version is completely stripped compared to the iPhone one. That said, give PicSay a shot...
    11-18-2009 07:38 PM
  3. Adiliyo's Avatar
    picsay is a lot of fun, where photoshop seems to be oriented to making pictures look better/stylized (which it does okay, but doesn't seem to be anything special to me)

    personally, since i'm not making art with my cell phone camera, i like picsay more, it lets me have fun with images and send them to people/post them on facebook, which seems more in tune to what i do with a camera on a phone.

    i also hate that photoshop mobile seems to keep opening itself.
    I've uninstalled photoshop mobile and only have picsay pro.
    11-18-2009 07:48 PM
  4. ChocoBilly's Avatar
    PicSay Pro is AMAZING!
    11-19-2009 01:31 PM