1. sk8skanj's Avatar
    Just bought it, currently trying to figure out how to set it that when I disconnect from my wifi (by leaving its range, aka going to work) that it will turn off wifi.

    I have a habit of not turning off my wifi when I leave my house so having it turn off after no signal for like 20 seconds would be a lot beter than it eating my battery till I remember that I forgot to turn it off.

    What other profiles have you created?
    08-17-2010 01:57 PM
  2. azjerry's Avatar
    Best off asking in it's forum:
    Tasker | Google Groups

    That said I have a home profile like this. Two contexts: Use network location (triggers when close to home) and then wifi near keyed to my home SSID. The task then turns wifi on and automatically connects to my home wifi. When I leave wifi eventually turns off since I'm not near anymore. By default turning wifi off can take a couple of minutes if the phone is on and 20 minutes if the phone is off due to default timing values set to minimize battery use and to prevent "bouncing" if your wifi signal is marginal.
    08-17-2010 03:07 PM
  3. exiii's Avatar
    You may want a Context based on the State "Wifi Near". I think you'd enter your SSID or router MAC and click the "Invert" checkbox. Theoretically, this would trigger when wifi is enabled and it no longer sees your router. The task, of course, would be to set Wifi to off.

    If that doesn't work, another option would be to trigger wifi based on geographic location. Turn it on when you get near your home, turn it off when you leave.

    I am kind of curious how this would react when you try to access a wifi network away from home though.

    Yet another option would be to turn on wifi when you open specific apps (browser) in your home area, and then shut off wifi when you break either of those 2 conditions. Then it's only running when you're using it.

    A few of my profiles:
    - plug in headset: pull up menu of audio apps
    - camera on: turn up screen brightness, turn it back down on close.
    - day and night notification profiles. turn off all radios except phone during "sleeping" hours when at home. Adjust screen and audio.
    - turn on gps when using navigation apps
    - increase screen time-out when ebook apps are open.
    - Phonefinder (I think I saw this this on lifehacker): If phone is lost, I SMS "SOS" to it from my son's phone. It then grabs the GPS coordinates and SMSs them back to my son's phone. I was actually thinking I'd create a couple different SMS commands for it to complete in various scenarios (ie: scream bloody murder if I track it to a public place but it's out of view, take periodic photos and email them to me, set an SMS trigger to electrocute the person holding my phone ). So far, the only other phonefinder profile I've built is to play a siren sound when I lose it around the house, which I do sometimes (usually in the garage or next to my bed).

    Tasker is pretty damn cool. I'd love something like this for my laptop.
    08-17-2010 04:02 PM
  4. kf6kmx's Avatar
    Rapidly becoming one of my favorite apps... I've deleted 5 other apps so far that this one has replaced on my original Droid!

    Anyone know if there is, or are plans by someone who knows how to program add-ons for it for a Foursquare and Gowalla check in? Would be very nice to program it to auto checking at places that I go to regularly... I already have a home and work geographic location running, and could easily drop those in for it to check in the spots also...
    08-22-2010 01:25 AM
  5. JETarpon's Avatar
    For the question in the original post, you want something like this.

    Context: wifi connected (your ssid)
    action: wait 1 sec
    exit action: wifi off

    When you get home, you'll need to turn the wifi back on. Either manually or using one of the methods above.

    As for checkins, I don't think you can have it check in automatically, but i've set up some profiles that pop up the check in page for a venue when i'm there, and speak to me to remind me to check in.
    08-22-2010 02:11 AM
  6. Paladin's Avatar
    I LOVE Tasker!

    I also have Tasker turn on my WiFi when i get home so I can use Remote Droid when i get home.

    I did not use it by SSID as you wireless has to be on to detect it so what good was that. You can have the program turn WiFi on and of at set intervals to check but that seemed overkill for my needs.

    I also did not want it to use GPS as that can be a battery drain.

    I used location:net, I turned GPS off. This just uses the nearby cell towers to get an approximation. It is not accurate but coming from work to home is enough distance for me to not have it turn on for no reason.

    To set this up is VERY easy!!
    I simply ran tasker
    NEW->Location-toggle GPS off then press Get Fix
    Give that a name, I chose "HOME."
    Then hit the plus key to add an action to this profile.
    select Net then WiFi then select ON
    No EXIT action really required because when you leave the house and get out of range the profile will become inactive and automatically turn the WiFi back off.

    This setting can be overridden by other profiles but it should work for you.

    Hope this helps.
    08-22-2010 11:00 AM