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    Neon alarm is alarm clock with simple design and smart functions. Intuitive controls makes clear and easy way to set your alarm. So wake up with Neon alarm!

    - Support 12/24 hour format
    - Flip to snooze - if you can snooze alarm just flip the phone
    - Turn off by shaking - alarm can be turn off simply by shaking
    - Modern wake up screen
    - Support for system and custom MP3 sounds (in FULL)
    - Gentle mode (volume increase to set max volume)
    - Can be turned on / off vibration
    - Set your own volume for every alarm
    - Set to repeat on specific days of the week
    - Set various color (in FULL)
    - Show next alarm in locksreen (when supported from lockscreen)
    - Alarm has no ads! (in FULL)

    Restriction of Free version
    - cannot set a ring color and MP3 song as alarm sound
    - Snooze only 2min or 30min (in full version is more options)
    - Gentle only OFF or 5 min (more options in full)
    - Free version have ads

    Translate: EN, RU, ES, IT, FR, DE, PT, CZ, SK, PL
    If you can help with translate visit this site neonalarmclock - GetLocalization.com

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    07-07-2013 09:42 AM
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    Now available FREE version!
    07-19-2013 07:31 AM

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