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    Hey, hoping you guys can help me out with something.

    I have a high-function autism spectrum disorder, one of the "enjoyable" side-effects of which is that I deal with what I suppose you could think of as a sort of reverse-ADHD - I focus on things to the exclusion of everything else, to the point that a whole day can go by without it ever occurring to me to deal with basic day-to-day tasks. As I'm now a fair bit beyond the age where it's respectable to live with one's parents, I'm hoping you can help me to get my phone to, essentially, nag me.

    I need an app that will allow me to set up a specific schedule for each day of the week, and then have the app constantly badger me with alerts to complete each task, ideally in a manner that becomes more insistent as time goes on, and which would require more than a brief moment of attention to mark a task as completed to stop said alerts(since it needs to draw my focus for long enough that I can't just dismiss it and go back to whatever I was thinking about beforehand).

    The organiser apps I've looked into myself all appear to be set up around the idea of a person who will be putting in different items on a continuing basis, while I just want to set up a single week's schedule and have it repeat that over and over again.

    Any suggestions are welcome, free software is obviously preferred.

    07-09-2013 07:19 PM

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