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    Meet "Birdy App",
    the application that will keep your place out of pigeons or other pest birds.

    *Birdy is the top professional pest birds repellent app for Android.

    *Birdy App is based on a proved research and tested thoroughly on a variety of pest birds such as pigeons,grackles,crows etc.

    *Birdy App broadcasts random series of high quality recordings of predators calls and birds in distress calls
    in random intervals (based on your settings).

    *Birdy App repels a large variety of pest birds thanks to its large variety of repelling sounds (more than 50 different sounds).

    *You can put your Android device on the windowsill or in your garden for any amount of time and Birdy will play
    without any need to press any button after it was started.

    Get it from Google Play now!:


    07-11-2013 01:36 PM

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