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    FacebookLinks makes it much faster and better when viewing Youtube videos from Facebook now. Currently, when you open Youtube videos from Facebook app, you have to wait for a web browser to load, and then re-direct you to the Youtube app. All of this is history. This application will allow you to bypass the slow loading of browser and open the Youtube app directly for you!

    The application also work with other kind of links posted in Facebook such us Box, Dropbox, Google Play and so on!

    To make it run:

    - Install FacebookLinks

    - In Facebook app, open any youtube video.

    - "Complete this action using" dialog is opened, choose Facebook Links, and tap on "Always"

    - Choose Youtube from the second Dialog... and Tap Always

    Google Play Link

    or search Google Play for "FacebookLinks"
    07-12-2013 10:40 AM

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