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    This app makes Your life simply! It is not only Speech Recognizer. With this app You have more functions like reproduce speech which You spoke by Speech Sythesizer - Text To Speech, sreach informations on Google by Voice. You mustn't to set the languag, becouse This app recognize it whatever language You will be speaking! Result of speech are saved in editable text field and You can do with it whatever You want like for example copy and correct it!

    You can reproduce spoke speech, too! All what you must do to do this is only set the obtain languages which are installed in Your device set some and click "Rep". Id on Your device is not install some language You can in simply way install it from Google Play store. It's very simply and practical application.

    It works in both sides. You can change speech to text and rechange text to speech or change text wrote by You mannualy to speech in a lot of languages!

    If You don't like to write something big on smartphone's keyboard, then You can say that and just copy it! When app don't recognize Your Speech correctly in some part, then You can correct it! This application makes life simply a lot!

    Certainly You sreach a lot of information on Google. With this app it's so easy. All what You must to do, it's only click one button and say that informations which you want to sreach!

    Get it on GooglePlay

    Some rates will be usefull. I provide for updates this app, so maybe You can tell me what i could change and add? I will be grateful
    07-17-2013 10:06 AM

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