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    Unix Admin allow you to manage your remote unix computers on the go. Now you can earn money everywhere!

    [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_device-2013-07-19-195917.jpg [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_device-2013-07-16-193009.jpg[APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_device-2013-07-16-193257.jpg [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_device-2013-07-16-192612.jpg [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_device-2013-07-16-192646.jpg [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_sftp.png [APP] Unix Admin. SSH SFTP FTP FTPS etc-framed_sort.png

    When I worked in big company, I have used Putty, WinScp, Telnet client and FileZilla for solving some easy problems, like change config file, copy from one FS to other and then restart application server through terminal. This program should make it much easy, without the need for this zoo of programs.

    Implemented next protocols:
    • SSH
    • SFTP
    • FTP
    • Local FS
    • WebDAV. Works through HTTP and HTTPS.
    • Telnet

    Http, Https are coming.

    • Tablet ready
    • Holo-style interface
    • All file system actions: rename, cut, copy, delete, edit.
    • SSH signals like CTRL+C etc.
    • File system sharing. You can copy file from one FS, e.g. one FTP server, and paste it to another with SFTP.
    • Password & OpenSSH private key support
    • Sort by various parameters
    • Ability to choice passive or active mode in FTP and FTPS
    • Ability to choice explicite or implicite mode in FTPS

    Install from Google Play

    Any feedback are welcome! Here program bug tracker, I will try do everything to improve my program.
    07-21-2013 04:40 AM

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