1. SeeK's Avatar
    I've got a Desire with FroYo. I also have the version of Flash that came with it, which according to Manage apps is version Now, Appbrain tells me that version is available, but when I click the link it gives me "The requested item could not be found".

    So, do I have the latest version of it? I've been hearing that there's some conflicts between the beta version and the current release and some confusion as to which is which. Help?
    08-20-2010 07:26 AM
  2. capnhowdy18's Avatar
    I believe the new updates are being made for specific phones to make sure they are optimized.
    08-20-2010 08:32 AM
  3. SeeK's Avatar
    Hmm, that does sound reasonable. I guess I'll just sit tight for a while and see what happens.
    08-20-2010 10:12 AM