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    Mokobi connects and synchronizes all types of phones, tablets, and PCs without vendor or operator limitations. Because you decide what you like!

    Get it on GooglePlay
    http://www.mokobi.mobi/?langid=1 - Mokobi Sync Website

    Why synchronize
    Ease your life in a world that depends on numerous devices - phones, tablets and computers.
    Use the most convenient device - at work or at home - large screen and comfortable keyboard on desktop PC. On the go mobile phone or tablet.
    Protect the important data in the event of loss, damage or theft. Facilitate device change.

    Why Mokobi
    Mokobi does not monitor and analyze your behavior on the Internet and therefore respects your privacy.
    Mokobi synchronization service is optimized for each style to use save time, bandwidth and battery.
    Mokobi supports any devices, even older (not smart) mobile phones and does not restrict your choice!
    Unlike some other services Mokobi does not profile you or use your information in order to show you any ads.

    Mokobi 2Remember!
    2Remember creates complex memories. 2Remember the "whole picture" - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time. Get 2Remember on Google Play
    07-23-2013 03:27 AM
  2. kornett's Avatar
    Interesting, but how is this "cloud" service different from others?

    Remember you can also exchange reviews with other developers on AndroidKi.com
    07-23-2013 07:59 PM

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