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    We are happy to announce our Kickstarter project Storica!

    Extending our current mobile Storica for Android, we aim at integrating desktop and mobile into the most comprehensive lifelogging experience platform out there.

    Lifelogging? What For?
    Have you ever wondered what you were doing last week? Where you were then? What happened? Who you were with? What you found interesting? How you felt that day? How the weather was during your last holiday?

    Storica is an information processing and visualisation experience platform that is dedicated to supporting self-reflection, serving as a general memory and self-understanding aid that lets you monitor and correlate multiple aspects of your life. It helps you uncover unusual days or detect behavioural changes by providing recorded evidence. Above all, Storica lets you experience this recorded evidence through personalised digital stories that are simple yet engaging correlated information abstractions, such as timelines and maps, allowing for diving deeper into the individual evidence as needed.

    Your data is all Yours is our main design principle. We neither mine nor collect users personal lifelogging data for our own purposes. The service we provide is that of enabling experiences based on such data. For that reason, no data leaves users devices without user's knowledge. This is a major departure from existing tracking services, such as in the fitness space, which claim ownership of users data for any purpose without compensation for the individual user. Storica goes a different route for ensuring and preserving users privacy!

    But we will need your support! Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see what expects you and why you should back this project but also why you should spread the word to anybody you know. Only then will we succeed to bring you interesting experiences based on your own recordings of your days!
    07-24-2013 05:29 AM

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