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    Right now I am in big trouble. I was trying to automate my phone so that it would turn off my PIN when I am at home and connected to home wifi network using Tasker and Secure Settings, and vise-versa (when I am not home, enable it). But it was not working. In other words, it would detect that I am at home and it would activate the Profile, but it won't be able to disable the PIN. It continued to ask for the PIN.

    So in order to make sure that it is taking some action at all after detecting when I am not at home (to test it at work, I changed the "when I am not at home" profile), out of my infinite wisdom, I changed it to actually enable password instead of PIN to see if it asks for the password instead of PIN. That way I would know if the app is able to make any security changes at all.

    Sure enough it looked like it has made the password enabled instead of the PIN now. However the keyboard that I get has only the numeric characters, no alphabet. How on earth am I supposed to enter the alpha-numeric password????

    I don't know which app messed it up. Is it the Tasker? Is it the Secure Settings plugin? Or is it the SwiftKey keyboard app that is stupid enough to not change from numeric to alpha-numeric.

    I have never setup a Password before, only the PIN. I don't even know how the keyboard looks like when you setup the password instead of PIN. I am sure it is supposed to show the alpha-numeric keyboard. But it is NOT.

    Please help.

    07-24-2013 05:20 PM
  2. shah's Avatar
    The issue is resolved. Just for someone else running into this issue, this is what happened. I accidentally ended up in pressing the Emergency Call button and it popped up the dialer. Of course I exit out of it, but now the keyboard I got was the correct keyboard - alpha-numeric, and I was able to enter the password.
    07-25-2013 11:35 AM

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