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    Anytime, Anywhere, Anymedia on Zimly!

    Zimly is a free service that lets you play your media files stored on PCs
    on any smart device and share them easily.

    Never worry about the media conversion and synchronization
    or even cable connection Zimly does it all for you.

    Special features:
    1. Gapless audio playback (Seamless playback)
    - No pause between tracks as if there is only one long track on the CD

    2. Airplane mode
    - No network connection required to play media files once downloaded

    3. Efficient HD video streaming on smart devices
    - Less data traffic (20~30% of Airvideo's) but high visual quality

    1. Auto conversion (Just-in-time content-aware transcoding)
    - Immediate streaming without users effort
    - Supports almost all kinds of video file formats that include AVI, MKV, FLV, TS, ASF, MP4, MOV, and more

    2. No manual network setting
    - Wireless connection between mobile devices and PC via Facebook or Google account

    3. Live lyrics
    - Automatically shows lyrics for current playing song
    - More than 2.5 million song lyrics

    4. Media-intuitive UI/UX design
    - Provides rich and user-friendly media experiences
    - Files categorized by Artist, Album, and Song according to ID3 tags

    5. Subtitle support
    - Supports various languages and file formats (e.g., SMI, SRT)
    - No work needed for Subtitles setting

    6. Private sharing via Facebook
    - Allows friends to enjoy music and videos you want to share







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    07-25-2013 08:52 PM

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