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    Rules: Players take turns connecting dots adjacent, if the line forms a square or box, the player must play again, if the line is not a square or box, play the following.

    The player with the most squares or boxes at the end is the winner.

    Difficulty: Easy or Normal.

    Classic Mode: Play against Android in borderless board, get as many boxes (boxes) to win,
    available 12 boards of different sizes, from 4 4-15 15, to unlock new boards just have to beat Android.

    Challenge Mode: Play against Android in a specific board that will test your skills, get as many boxes (boxes) to win,
    Available 15 boards challenged, Android Beat to unlock new challenges.

    Counter combo: Capture more than one box in one move, the counter shows the maximum combo boxes chain captured by the winner of the game.

    Score Board: Get one, two or three qualification square. the color of the table identifies the difficulty of victory.

    Multi-player: up to 4 players.

    Try Web (Only HTML5): link

    Google Play: link

    07-27-2013 12:22 AM

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