1. maduhbee#AC's Avatar
    I just hard reseted my phone (EVO 4G) mainly because it was pretty unstable when I upgraded to Froyo. I was missing calendar dates, my phone was crashing, and at times, it would just stall.

    So now when I'm trying to re-download everything, I noticed that Tetronimo is gone! That was my favorite tetris clone!!!! Where art thou, tetronimo? I can't find it on the android market place anywhere!
    08-21-2010 10:41 PM
  2. Aatrek's Avatar
    It's probably been removed for the Tetris copyright violations that killed a bunch of the other clones.
    08-22-2010 02:07 PM
  3. MowDownJoe's Avatar
    Kinda sad, too... yes, alot of them were straight copies of Tetris, and the Tetris Company does have the right to protect their copyrights, but they also took down DroidShock, which was actually quite different and clever.
    08-22-2010 04:36 PM
  4. Tpain's Avatar
    This is exactly why I like to use the archive feature of system panel. Check your inbox.
    08-22-2010 04:57 PM
  5. rachaeljaley's Avatar
    is there anyway to get it back? i also had to uninstall. i loved that game! any help would so appreciated!!
    08-25-2010 08:42 PM
  6. timopetro's Avatar
    so is there any way to get the game now? it's the only tetris i've found that works well and i'd love to get it back.

    09-03-2010 12:42 PM
  7. tmahoney's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm the developer of Tetronimo. It was indeed taken down due to copyright infringement. However, I just released a new game called Block It Up. It mixes Tetris, Bejeweled, and Dr. Mario. Check it out!
    10-27-2010 08:57 PM