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    I don't think I really need to explain what it does (or rather doesn't do) but just in case the name hasn't given it away - it's a calculator that gets it wrong.

    Loads of options to customise the experience - a variable "wrong rate" (how often it gets a calculation wrong), sniggering (thank you Mutley) when getting an answer wrong, the option to correct the answer after a set period of time, variable levels of "wrongness".

    The basic app is free with premium features for Stealth Mode (hides any give away signs about the apps true nature), Surreal answers (1+1 = One hand clapping) and Insulting answers (1+1 = Not my problem).

    For the moment here are some screenshots to (hopefully) whet your appetite.

    It's available from Google Play now


    Daniel Gray

    P.S. Set it to never wrong - it's a normal calculator
    Attached Thumbnails [Free App] Wrongulator-gp_ss1.png   [Free App] Wrongulator-screenshot_2013-08-01-03-17-43.png   [Free App] Wrongulator-screenshot_2013-08-01-03-17-58.png   [Free App] Wrongulator-screenshot_2013-08-01-03-18-05.png   [Free App] Wrongulator-screenshot_2013-08-01-03-19-30.png  

    [Free App] Wrongulator-screenshot_2013-08-01-03-19-40.png   [Free App] Wrongulator-t10_2_device-2013-08-01-033616.png  
    08-01-2013 03:04 PM
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    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the app
    08-01-2013 03:08 PM

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