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    Find Extreme Sports Nearby Me is a simple apps that helps you find the nearest extreme sports places/spots (such as bungee jump, surfing, sky diving and many more) based on your current location.
    Once you found the place, you can then find the location details such as address, telephone and website link.

    E.g. You are around the San Francisco, and you need to find surfing nearby you location.
    1) Select the "Bungee Jump" options from the above selection.
    2) The finder will display all the bungee jump spots.
    3) Find your way there, have fun and enjoy the sports.

    By using the current location, you can find the following places such as below:
    Apnoe Diving, Base Jump, Beach Sailing, Bike Trial, Bmx, Boulder, Bungee Jump, Caving, Cliff Dive, Climbing, Dirtsurf, Drift Trike, Fixie, Fmx, Freebord, Freeski, Graffiti, Ice Boating, Ice Climbing, Ice Skate, Inline Skate, Kayak, Kite Buggy, Kite Jump, Kite Surf, Longboard, Motocross, Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike, Mountainboard, Offroad, Other, Paintball, Parachut, Paraglide, Parcour, Powerbock, Quad, Rafting, Running, Sandboard, Scooter, Scuba Dive, Skate, Ski, Skike, Skimboard, Slackline, Sled, Snorkel, Snow, Snow Bike, Snowboard, Snowkite, Snowmobile, Street, Street Luge, Surf, Trekking, Urban Explorer, Volleyball, Wakeboard, Water, Water Ski, Windsurf, Wingsuit

    Google Play: Find Extreme Sports Nearby Me

    08-02-2013 02:55 AM
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    Cool! The active sport people should love this.

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    08-02-2013 07:38 AM

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