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    [Signal Guard]
    Real-time monitor & Improve signal strength; repair signal problem, log tracking

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    Make sure you are connected !
    No signal?
    How to check signal when your phone is hibernating?
    Signal problem for your parallel imported cell phone?
    Need alarm when signal lost in the basement, elevator or tunnel?

    Please read following information, when you have these questions.

    Real-time monitor of cell phone signal.
    Alarm for signal lost in the elevator, basement, computer room,tunnels
    and for signal problem of parallel imported phone because of network
    Three ways to remind you: automatic sound, vibration and LED.
    Automatically repair your signal and make your phone work.
    Record all events and you can check later.
    Support the network of Global mobile operators.
    Support all the Android system models in the market.
    Support real-time monitor of signal even when your phone is standby.

    1) automatically repair when signal is lost or abnormal.
    2) three ways for alarm: sound, vibration, LED.
    3) New icon showing signal value in the status bar.
    4) double-row icon display of signal.
    5) record network failure and repair information.
    6) support for real-time monitoring of signal when standby or hibernation.

    Version History:
    V2.2.1.00 updates (20130710):
    1.Fixed some bugs.

    V2.2.0.00 updates(20130609):
    1. Added support for Samsung mobile phone(I9300,Note2...)"not registered" condition signal repair.
    2. New export LOGBOOK to text file(Pro version only).
    3. Added 2G3G lock function exemption tips.
    4. Modify some of the UI operation interface.

    [Download URL]
    08-02-2013 05:30 AM

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