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    Winamp is the famous & popular feature-rich desktop music player now it available as android app for smartphones (mobile version).

    winamp app has integration with android os, allowing other apps to interact with your Now Playing music as well as scrobbling support and a ton of SHOUTcast radio stations.

    Winamp features for supporting iTunes, as well as wireless syncing, playing local music and widget support.

    Winamp is free app but Winamp offers a few in-app purchases to show you how much the app can do.

    The first in-app purchase bundle adds song lyrics support for your music.

    The second in-app purchase is an album art bundle. It automatically retrieves artwork for your music, as well as updated tags for your files that are incorrect or missing.

    also available( pro bundle) a standalone application, throws in a ton of features like a 10-band graphic equalizer, support for .FLAC files, and personalized radio recommendations.

    Install now :GOOGLE PLAY

    Requires Android
    2.1 and up

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    08-04-2013 05:04 PM
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    Thanks for letting us know.
    08-04-2013 06:07 PM

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