1. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Based on the current debate about privacy I've developed a Steganography App. This App hides messages and files in plain images. The images can be shared by email or social media. No one but the initiate will be able to read the message.


    Hide messages and file attachments in images
    Password protection
    Image import from gallery, file manager and many more
    One-Click Share
    Receive and unveil hidden messages

    You can download Secret Tidings from Google Play Store

    Secret Tidings allows you to compose messages with text and file attachments and hides those messages in images. The hidden messages are secured with a password. Attachments and text can be restored by the receiver.

    08-07-2013 03:02 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Looks interesting
    08-13-2013 11:09 AM
  3. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 1.9 has been released and contains a couple of Bug Fixes:

    Fix image import from various email clients
    Fix image import from picasa/google+
    Fix Android's PRNG mess
    08-20-2013 04:59 AM
  4. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.0

    Add Easy Share Action to Actionbar. You can now share images with Google+, Picasa, Hangouts, eMail and many more
    Fix issues with images that use pre-multiplied alpha
    UI improvements
    08-25-2013 12:58 PM
  5. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.1

    App is now backward compatible with Android 2.3+
    Fix Memory Leak
    09-06-2013 04:52 PM
  6. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.2

    • Add german translation
    11-10-2013 01:14 PM
  7. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.3

    • Fix crash that could appear if app is closed while image got resized
    02-12-2014 01:44 PM
  8. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.4

    • Improved performance
    • Fix: File attachments couldn't be added from content URI Provider
    • ProgressBar now shows the progress instead of an infinite looping animation
    • Fix crash
    02-25-2014 10:43 AM
  9. Phoebit Android's Avatar
    Version 2.5

    • Add french translation
    04-03-2014 07:04 AM

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