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    Released Missile City Free on playstore.

    Its an addictive arcade game. You will have to prevent enemy missiles from destroying your city and that with a limited number of missiles each level. Achieve level objectives to unlock new levels and episodes( more locations to defend ).

    You will have access to 7 types of weapons right from the start:
    Missiles, Nuclear Missiles, Anti-Gravity, Fire(Infrared), Freeze, SuperSonic Missiles, Anti-Damage Shield

    It all depends on how many enemy missiles you destroy consecutively with precision to obtain powerups. The difficulty increases as you progress through episodes - faster enemy missiles, more nuclear attacks and tougher level objectives.

    1. Tap on the screen to set the direction of the missiles. You will have to anticipate the enemy missiles path to destroy them.
    2. Use different powerups strategically to defend and score more points.
    3. You have limited missiles, however, you increase inventory by precisely hitting enemy missiles.

    You will enjoy the 500 levels of unending gameplay.

    An indie developer, I'd be glad if you guys try it out.

    Here's the link : Missile City Free
    08-10-2013 12:13 AM

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