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  1. roblopesbh's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    I'm here to introduce my first app.

    Beforehand, thanks for your time and attention.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated!





    What if you were able to retain the information of a text for longer? And if you could appreciate even more your daily readings?

    Spongiam was developed to take your reading to another level.

    Concepts of memorization such as Synesthesia are used to increase retention of a text.
    Your attention during a reading will hardly be diverted due to prioritization of your text on visual content in an environment free of distractions.
    Your texts can be saved an organized into categories for easier reading, which can be done even without an internet connection (OFFLINE).

    Spongiam has four reading modes:


    Need to read a text and make notes?
    Take notes as you read a text. Spongiam saves your notes and lets you share them.

    Need to quickly recall a text already read?
    Reread your text visualizing only the main words. So, you quickly strengthen the connection responsible for storing the text in your memory.

    *THE SOFA*

    Need to read a text with more attention and comfort?
    Choose the reading speed that best suits you and your text, press Play and enjoy your reading. You can read long texts without making moves. Donít worry, lights wonít turn off.


    Need to read a text, but donít have much time?
    Allow Spongiam make a summary for you. Our summarization algorithm was detailed developed to condense your text with the most important information. Donít hesitate to share summaries created from your texts.


    Need to memorize a text?
    Verbalize it. Spongiam listen to you, and help you in progressive and steady memorizing your text.

    Need to memorize the speech of a text for a presentation?
    Read it aloud and Spongiam will help you practice your speeches.

    You can enter a text by typing, pasting or sharing. In this last option, simply select the text of interest from a browser, for example, and share (as text) directly to Spongiam.

    Supported languages (App):

    ē English

    Supported languages for texts:

    ē English
    ē Portuguese


    Reading, taken to another level.


    Spongiam - Introduction

    Attached Thumbnails [APP] Spongiam: Reading, taken to another level.-2.png   [APP] Spongiam: Reading, taken to another level.-4.png   [APP] Spongiam: Reading, taken to another level.-5.png   [APP] Spongiam: Reading, taken to another level.-6.png   [APP] Spongiam: Reading, taken to another level.-7.png  

    08-10-2013 01:22 PM
  2. roblopesbh's Avatar
    Even the full version of Spongiam is now available for free! Check it out! Any feedback is highly appreciated!
    08-15-2013 12:40 PM

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