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    NestPack - solution for nesting, cutting (number of sheets optimization) and packing problems.

    This app is created to solve all optimization problems related with nesting, cutting and packing. It's dedicated to the furniture industry, but also can be used with success in other industries like for e.g. logistics.
    It's a portable app that helps you to solve all your problems related with cutting, nesting and packing wherever you are!
    It will optimize you material sheets number!

    App contains three modules:

    - Nesting (Cutting optimization)
    Nesting (cutting) optimization will help you to reduce number of sheets and prepare final offer for your product based on cutting (nesting) optimization. It will also show you exact way of placing nested rectangles to cut. You can specific all important parameters including cost wood grain and cut method. It's a great way of reducing nested (cut) material sheets needed to manufacture your product.

    -Packing optimization
    Packing optimization will help you to estimate minimal number of trucks required to transport given cargo. It's a very handy solution for almost every industry.

    - Forum with orders and offers
    Place for specialists just like you! People related with industry and optimization, cutting, nesting, sheet and packing.
    App consist features related with: optimization, cutting, nesting, sheet, packing


    08-11-2013 09:29 AM

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