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    On Saturday afternoon my 2 month old Galaxy S3 stopped downloading any pictures on Facebook newsfeed, notifications, etc...UNLESS I am connected to WIFI then they load perfectly...I uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook 7 times in the past 5 days...did a battery pull and finally went to the local Verizon store...people with LG, Droid and iphones had no problems...manager had a Samsung Galaxy Note and hers was doing the same grayed out areas where the pictures should be...she also had the problem begin Saturday afternoon...she said there should be an update notification or it will just start working again in a few days...she said not a Verizon issue but Facebook...anyone else have similar problems? Called Verizon tech support last night and they said probably a Facebook issue and they will check in to it...Not really the answer I wanted to hear...
    08-15-2013 05:22 AM

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