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    Yesterday my girlfriend made the jump from iphone to android (to the galaxy S4 no less). She like the focus on widgets, on customization among other things. However, she is an avid radiolistener (often the swedish radio app (Sveriges Radio) and misses the ability to control it through iphones magical all music-control (by double clicking the "home button" and voila! She can control (play, pause) ANYTHING playing on her iphone.

    Is there any such functionality on android? I've been looking and I've find things to control various other music app (from stock to spotify) such as Widgetzoid and Notification Toggle.

    Help? Anything to control whatever is playing? Something for the notification shade perhaps? The lock screen? She is truly bummed out and the lack of this functionality kinda pulled a wet blanket over how joyous she was yesterday, playing with her new phone.

    Thanks a bunch for any leads!
    08-16-2013 02:23 PM

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