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    CarSpot is a new app which helps you remember where you parked your car(s) and helps you get back to it/them. CarSpot uses your device's built-in GPS to remember where you parked your car. It will also help you get back to your car. It's great for large events, parking in cities, or park and rides.

    - Uses device's built-in GPS
    - Supports multiple cars
    - Use a car's built-in bluetooth to remember a location on bluetooth disconnect.
    - Remembers owner, make, and model of car.
    - Ability to pick an image for the car from the SD card or use a prepackaged image
    - Allows you to select an address based on the location provided by the GPS.
    - View a map of where your car is parked in the car view
    - Ability to sort cars by order added or alphabetical by owner
    - Configurable settings for accuracy and how long to wait to acquire an accurate enough GPS location.

    More information can be found at Infinitely Obvious

    08-24-2010 07:35 PM