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    Hello All,

    Today I released my latest app, Draft Pro 13, a fantasy football draft app. As an indie developer I appreciate all the love my apps get from the Android Central users. Please check it out.

    Draft Pro 13 brings you all the information you need for your fantasy football draft, all in a easy to navigate interface. Sliding between the panes allows you to quickly view the entire draft board, players available or all of the team picks.
    Get started with the easy to use Setup Wizard, allowing you to customize every aspect of your league. Team details, keepers and custom scoring are easy to modify using the wizard.
    Draft confidently with player details shown in easy to understand graphs comparing the top available players. Player news, injury updates, depth charts and player schedules help you draft the best player.


    Thanks All!

    Josh McKinney
    Twisted Pixels Multimedia
    08-22-2013 11:42 AM

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