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    Cool Photo Transfer lets you transfer photos from your phone to your PC over WiFi and in very cool ways.

    Transferring photos has never been so easy, fast and fun!

    There are lots of transfer options and transfer animations to choose from.

    Transfer options:
    - Swipe (left/right/up/down and different animations for each of them)
    - Touch the phone to your monitor (from left/right/up and different animations for each of them)
    - Shake phone
    - Magic hand
    - Finger snap
    - Hand clap
    - Whistle
    - Pinch in
    - Stretch

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot1.jpg

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot2.jpg

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot3.jpg

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot4.jpg

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot5.jpg

    [APP][FREE] Cool Photo Transfer-screenshot6.jpg

    You can get it on Google Play:

    08-24-2013 06:49 AM

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