1. dmoulton's Avatar
    Recently my battery life took a dive. Around the same time, I installed Grooveshark. About this phone didn't give me any useful info, although in the past it has. It was saying nothing about Grooveshark using up battery life.

    I did notice that I would get warnings that Grooveshark was losing its internet connection, even though I wasn't using it.

    A couple of days ago I removed it as a test. I've had excellent battery life since then. Coincidence? Have others had Grooveshark eat batteries?

    Using Froyo on an original Droid.
    08-26-2010 02:39 PM
  2. eye4ni's Avatar
    No problems here, but I properly exit the app when I'm finished using it. Maybe it stays running because you use the back button to exit rather than choosing QUIT from the menu.

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    08-26-2010 05:09 PM