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    [Android App] Fast Search Plus for Android-tray2.png[Android App] Fast Search Plus for Android-color.png[Android App] Fast Search Plus for Android-tray1.png[Android App] Fast Search Plus for Android-longpress_final.png[Android App] Fast Search Plus for Android-notification_final.png

    Fast Search Plus is a unique search overlay that helps you search your apps, contacts, music from anywhere on your android phone.

    Key Features:
    -- Can be pulled from anywhere within your phone by click on the left/right edge that overlays on top of the screen
    -- Can be launched from the notification bar
    -- Easy shortcuts from notification bar
    -- Can create app shortcuts from search tray
    -- Can customize the look and feel of the edges
    -- Can customize what you want to search

    08-27-2013 09:16 AM

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