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    App For footy junkies. Get all the latest football information .. It's the football app to keep you fully informed..

    [APP]Football Stats-screenshot_2013-08-26-18-47-45.png[APP]Football Stats-screenshot_2013-08-26-18-46-43.png[APP]Football Stats-screenshot_2013-08-26-18-48-21.png[APP]Football Stats-screenshot_2013-08-26-18-50-22.png[APP]Football Stats-screenshot_2013-08-26-18-50-46.png
    overage of: EPL , Liga BBVA , Serie A , Bundesliga etc .....
    Main Features:- *League Standing
    *Squad Information
    *Club Info
    *Club Achievements
    *Club Fix
    *Top Scorers
    *fixtures Info
    *Player information
    *Player History - Achievements, Transfer information, Injury Details
    *Kick-off times shown in your local times

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    08-29-2013 05:08 AM

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