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    Do you need a professional app to accompany you during your navigation, then try this App!
    ++If there are any problems with the application, tell me what's wrong so that I can fix the problem!
    "Navigation tools' app has 7 screens full of information:

    1. Satellite positions in the sky (skyview), shown on a radar(including additional information).
    2. Your current speed, battery level and battery temperature shown on a speedometer.
    3. Your current altitude shown on as text, on a graph,and on a altitude chart.
    4. A simple compass showing you your direction (Additional: Pitch and Roll).
    5. Artificial Horizon
    6. Inclinometer showing you the pitch and the roll of your car.
    7. Proximity Alert (It alerts you when you are near a point of interest), Place Finder (A simple search engine for the Map), Place surfer (Showing you important information about a place picked by you).
    New Tools will be added as soon as possible.

    Attached Thumbnails [App Free/Paid] Navigation Tools-satelite1.png   [App Free/Paid] Navigation Tools-inclinometer1.png   [App Free/Paid] Navigation Tools-altimeter1.png   [App Free/Paid] Navigation Tools-speedometer1.png   [App Free/Paid] Navigation Tools-proximity1.png  

    08-29-2013 07:39 AM

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