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    This application was developed to allow you to make phone calls easily, even in awkward situations for using your smartphone or tablet or for those who have problems with the touch or sight, or for those who don't know how to read. Think for example when there is too much light and you can't read the display or if we're giudando and we want to find a number (I recommend anyway to match), if we have vision problems, we are without glasses without lenses, we have a monitor too small and can't press the right number, we must be able to afford to make phone calls at a baby to an elderly or blind people. So this app is suitable for several purposes and its use is very simple. Once you have configured the contacts that you want to manage (telephone number, name and voice recording), the app is ready for use. The app will start with four large buttons that occupy entire display (I'm virtually all four corners, so it is easy to locate where press), with the upper left button you scroll through the address book behind and will be replicated to the audio from us previously bound to that number (e.g. "John Doe", "Office", "home"), or if you do not register will be the speaker of our device to read the name writtenwith the top right button you scroll forward heading with playback of the recording. In the bottom left corner there is a button called that starts the call. In the lower right corner of the button that allows you to access the Panel to manage the phone book. The buttons are large one-quarter of monitors and their colors that distinguish them clearly and prominently, also occupying the four corners of the screen, you can also use with your eyes closed.
    The app includes sound and vibration signals that allow a further distinction of the operations that are being executed.
    The app is currently only in English language and English. For any report or advice (Dear) please write via email to enfandroid@gmail.com.Thank you.
    08-29-2013 05:25 PM
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    Looks interesting. I will look into it later.
    08-30-2013 12:07 AM

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